September 8, 2023

16 thoughts on “Chin Trekking Tour

  1. One of the most scenic areas in the region, Mount Victoria is the highest mountain in the Chin State. Travelers take the quick way up via jeep and relax at Aye Village 5,800 feet above sea level.

  2. I wanna go ti chin state. I love travelling. Our country is natural country.I love my country more than I can say.

  3. I wanna go to Chin State. Our country is natural county. I love my country more than I can say.Hope. Our victory is coming. soon.

  4. I want to visit Chin state at least once, I want to go my Grandfather’s hometown once, but now my grandfather is gone. I thought it would be perfect for a beautiful mountain flower, a songbird and a freezing climate.

  5. I hear the cause of tattoo on face that “Chin legend has it that when a Burmese king travelled to the region, he was so impressed by the women’s beauty that he kidnapped one to take as a bride”. It is true or false.☺️☺️

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