September 8, 2023

9 thoughts on “Culture Tours in Myanmar

  1. “He who has not visited Bagan has not visited Myanmar yet.”
    Absolutely right and then there are many interesting and beautiful thing in Myanmar. Invite to visit Myanmar. It may be your wonderful trip you had been also visited everywhere.

  2. What a beautiful Country! Our country has never had such beauty. One day ‘ democracy will become the most beautiful country in the world.

  3. I am very proud of Bagan not only it is the imperial ancient city but also it is the “HEART”of our Myanmar people.Mt.Popa will give you the best breathtaking experience.If you want you can go hiking in that.All these other ancient places in Myanmar will give you a memorable experience in your life.Don’t miss it.Come and visit to our country,Myanmar.

  4. Yes.
    I visited 3times to Bagan.
    First time I visited together with my family about 5years ago. The second time was three years ago when I had to travel through Bagan on business.
    Last time I vistied to Bagan with my friends at 2020.
    I think, Bagan is a historic city with a proud cultural heritage for Myanmar.

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