September 9, 2023

35 thoughts on “Wonderful Land, Chin State

  1. “ ဆန္ဒဝတော ကိံနာမ ကမ္မံ န သိဇ္ဈတိ၊ ဝီရိယဝတော ကိံနာမ ကမ္မံ န သိဇ္ဈတိ ”

    *** ပြင်းပြသော ဆန္ဒ ဝီရိယနဲ့ ပြုလုပ်တဲ့ အလုပ်မှန်သမျှ မအောင်မြင်တာ မရှိ ***

    …There are no unsuccessful things which are done with strong desire and effort…

  2. really i want to visit chin state..
    . one day i believe i will reach this state
    good your web & Creater is so clever

  3. wanna go there to see the heart-shaped,Rih Lake and feel the freshness of pretty-pretty rhododendron

  4. Although I was born in Yaw, Chin State, I had to move to another city when I was a month old, so I did not know much about Chin State.
    Now, thank you so much for letting me know a little bit about Chin State from your article.

    Thanks a lot “Ki Fuu”

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